Our Mission

To discover the perfect Scuba Diving places, enjoy time with old friends, find new friends, and locate the perfect Martini. ……. BUT ………

That takes money so we have to work for our adventures.


We put together three or four fun dive trips each year. They are usually 4 days to two weeks and are on a quarterly basis. When we set up trips we post them on this site and allow non members to join in. These trips are set up  by listening and relying on what our friends or members suggest. If you think you may be interested in current or future trips then Register on the side and we will let you know ahead of time before posting. Since we are not a “Cattle Car” our trips do fill up fast. 


We have all heard it, “If you find a great place to retire while you are diving, Let me know”.

We at Flippers and Fins have combined our love for Scuba Diving, our experience in Real Estate and our experience in The Caribbean and Central America to help others achieve their dreams. We dive all the time but three times a year we set aside a trip to concentrate on locating International properties for our clients.   See what we can find for you.